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Articles Astrology Yoga for divorce Marriage. By tamiljothidamtips Last updated Mar 7, Analysis Marriage problem from horoscope astrological yoga for divorce Astrology Articals Breakup Prediction in Vedic Astrology can vedic astrology predict divorce horoscope divorce horoscope divorce prediction indian vedic astrology. You might also like More from author.

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Welcome, Login to your account. Saturn the eighth lord in his own house with Jupiter the seventh lord aspected by Mars could cause a disaster and in turn aspecting Mars showed the event clearly in this case. Venus is debilitated and the seventh lord from Venus, Jupiter repeats the story of this tragic incident. In the navamsha seventh lord Moon with the eighth lord Sun and Saturn and with Venus in the sixth house made the picture gloomier.

Examining her horoscope, I advised her to have a second marriage which she agreed to, more so because the man she was going to marry, a widower, had been asked by his own daughter from his first wife to marry a second time. Her second marriage took place on 20 April Though there have been some controversies for the house to be seen for the second marriage, we have found in our replicable researches that the ninth house, the third one from the seventh, gives us a valuable clue in this matter.

She was running the mahadasha of Saturn and the antardasha of Rahu.

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Rahu in the third house here is seventh from the ninth house. Saturn was in Vrisha in transit when her second marriage was finalised. From here he was aspecting the ninth house and Jupiter was in Karka aspecting the ninth lord Saturn in the eighth house. Thus the dasha and transits were favourable when she got married for the second time.

She is now happily settled with her four children, two from the first marriage and two from the second one. I got married and am happy with my children and second husband. I have been using compters efficiently and help my husband in his share market work constantly.