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Your horizons are being broadened.

Cancer du sein: remplacer la viande rouge par de la volaille pourrait réduire les risques

An overview Aries horoscope for the year This January friendships will be clarified and the Full Moon of the 8th will give you the extra energy to achieve the home and domestic goals that you have set for yourself. There is still much pressure on you to rush and move forward, however you need to slow down and reduce activities until the 18th. Be selective — go for the highest priority goals and let the lesser ones go.

Your health is still delicate but the worst should be over by the 18th, then you will feel relief and enhanced well being. Health and vitality are going to improve even further as the year progresses. Career and outward success are the focus of this January Public and professional esteem is like an emotional vitamin for you. You are in a period of creating conditions as you like them, your need to compromise is lessening and you can at last have things your own way. Your most important areas of interest in January are sex, the deeper things of life, debt, repayment, career, friends and personal transformation.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment are communication, intellectual interests and spirituality. From the 4th to the 25th you need to study your investments, major purchases and financial commitments very carefully. Love is becoming increasingly hot, fiery, stormy, passionate and tempestuous.

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Power struggles, jealousy and possessiveness with your beloved need to be avoided. There are many romantic opportunities — especially as you get involved in charitable activities or causes you believe in. Physical passion and sexual performance are at an all time high now. An overview Taurus horoscope for the year This January the New Moon of the 23rd will clarify your career issues.

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The Full Moon of the 8th will give you extra energy to achieve communication or intellectual goals. This is also true regarding both personal desires and issues at home.

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Research carefully if you are involved in buying or selling a home. Similarly purchasing clothes and personal accessories also need more due diligence. Health becomes more delicate this month, especially after the 18th.


Try to rest and relax more and maximize personal energy. You have enough energy for what you really need to do but not enough to waste on idle gossip or power struggles with your beloved. You are still a social creature this month, developing and practicing your social graces. But personal independence is getting stronger.

Love is stormy, volatile and tempestuous.

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  7. A current relationship is undergoing a crisis and could dissolve. If it is good, it will survive, but it will be a wild up and down ride. Power struggles and attempts to control behavior on both sides seem the root cause. A friend or a co-worker wants to be more than just this. This could disrupt a current relationship. The problem in love this period is too many opportunities rather than too few.

    Jealousies and competitiveness are stirred up. Career and love conflict this January Both are important and pull you in opposite directions. You will have to balance them and make them cooperate with each other. Finances remain the same. The very rare two Grand Trines are helping your health, finances and love life this month.

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    They will spur on your optimism, creativity and enhance your communication and intellectual skills. An overview Gemini horoscope for the year This January religious, philosophical and educational issues will be clarified. You will have extra energy to achieve financial goals. The planetary aspects are friendly towards you — especially after the 18th. Thus this should be a happy and successful month — filled with forward progress and achievement.

    Scorpio | December 29th, 2018

    Launch new projects and ventures before the 8th or after the 23rd. Focus on your career now and de-emphasize family and domestic obligations. There is good career progress happening this month. Family members are themselves ambitious these days and seem supportive of your career goals. January is a social month for you and you will be given the opportunity to hone your social skills. Career success will be achieved through compromise and consensus rather than through self-assertion and self-will.

    Your important areas of interest this month are sex, personal transformation, debt, repayment, health and work. Your paths of greatest fulfillment are the body, image, your personal appearance, career, spirituality and charitable activities. Health is good this month. There is also increased physical exercise and athletic activity.

    Job seekers enjoy good success. Conditions at the workplace are hectic and unusually active. You are all working very hard, but it seems like fun, there is a good spirit there. Finances are also strong early in the month and windfalls come out of the blue. Your partner or spouse seems generous. Debts are easily paid and easily made.

    Perhaps you overspend on gym or sporting equipment. Love seemed stormy early in the month but improves after the 18th. Important shifts in romantic attitudes and desires are happening — these will become more manifest in the coming months. Singles find love through friends or through group activities and organizations. An overview Cancer horoscope for the year This January debt, taxes and sexual issues will be clarified. You will also have extra energy to achieve sensual fulfillment and to improve your image.

    Rest and relax more until the 18th. Your health and vitality should improve dramatically then. January is a time for finding your emotional comfort zone and functioning from there. This will not be easy, as family life seems hectic and stressful. Major repairs or renovations are going on in the home.

    Descendant astrology aries

    Tempers and passions could flare. Yet all these things can assist you in making psychological progress. Home and domestic issues take priority over your career these days. This is very much a social month. This is yet another reason apart from health to avoid power struggles and debilitating self-assertions. Neurodevelopmental diversities 4. Clinical Psychiatry 5. Neuro-Rehabilitation 6. Special Education 7.

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